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  Product Range

Our product range is comprized of:

  • 215 Moulds made from food grade PETG plastic
  • 7 Chocolate Fillings
  • 3 Flavours of Chocolate
  • 6 Oil Based Powder Chocolate Colours
  • 11 Oil Based Chocolate Flavours 
  • 31 Confectionery Foils
  • 4 Sizes of Treat Bags
  • Chocolate Making Tools
  • Woodwool ( For Gift Baskets )
  What Can Our Moulds Be Used For?

We manufacture our from food grade PETG plastic and are currently used by customer for the following:

  • Chocolate Making
  • Fondant Moulding
  • Soap Making
  • Candle Making ( With low temperature waxes like Soy Wax )
  • Crafts ( Plaster of paris moulding )
  Are The Moulds Suitable For Commercial Use? 
    Yes our moulds are used by mainy chocolate manufactures.
The low cost of our standard mould range makes them a great option for commercial opperations.

We also have available heavy grade polycaronate plastic moulds.
  Do You Ship Internationally
    Yes we ship our products all around the world.
  What Shipping Service Do You Use?
    For our New Zealand customers we use New Zealand Couriers overnight service for fast deliveries.

For our international customers we use a range of different services depending on the individual needs of the business.
  Want To Become A Stockist?

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